About MSDS Translations Ltd.

Established in England in 2008, MSDS Translations is committed to providing clients with high-quality translations in the scientific domain, notably in the field of chemistry, and moved its headquarters to New Zealand in 2011.

Originally founded to answer the needs of smaller companies facing challenges translating their Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in various languages, MSDS Translations’ highly-qualified and collaborative technical translators increased the company’s scope to encompass the entire chemical sector of scientific translations. At the helm is Eric, owner and CEO, a chemical Engineer with a 20-year background in the chemical industry. Under his leadership, MSDS Translations has demonstrated continual growth without having compromised the level of customization and customer service that cemented its relationships and success with businesses of all sizes.

MSDS Translations caters to clients from with diverse business interests ranging from mining consortiums to cosmetic companies, through solar energy, chemical and car care products manufacturers and research institutes. In order to dependably produce translated documents with the expertise and high standard of quality that our clients are accustomed to, we retain expert translators with knowledge of the legal, scientific, medical and commercial domains.

MSDS Translations is forever looking forward to anticipate industry challenges. Our proactive stance allows us to continually evolve and improve ourselves and strengthen the level of personalization we offer each customer.

To provide our heightened level of service at the most reasonable price, MSDS Translations is equipped with the latest leading CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools, which serve to greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of our experienced and certified translators’ work.

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