Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Professionals (CTP) undergo months of training and must pass standardized exams which test the individual’s translation industry and language-specific knowledge. The prospective translation professional must demonstrate equal ability to translate in both directions; for example, from English to French and French to English.

In order for a translated document to be certified, the translation process and finished product must fulfil a number of criteria. The most obvious of which is that a licensed certified translation professional (CTP) must be responsible for the document. The certified translator performs a series of quality control checks throughout the project.

Going to the trouble of certifying a translation is not necessary for many communication purposes, but there are several benefits to pursuing the certified translation route:

A certified translation is legally valid once a sworn translator declares it so and seals the document. A notary public or lawyer will have the role of verifying the certified translation if its purpose is public use. The greatest benefit of having your translation’s status certified is that your interests, and the interests of your company’s stakeholders, are represented in a foreign language and culture with the highest quality of production and level of professional standards.

If you require certified translation services for personal or business documents, MSDS Translations certified translators are poised to fulfill your needs with our fast, reliable service. Contact us today to discuss your certified translation needs.

Certified translation isn’t our only area of specialization. When it comes to producing accurate, affordable language translation services, MSDS Translations does it all: Contact an MSDS Translations Project Manager today to get a team of dependable, industry-expert and certified translators behind your translation project today.

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