Legal Translation Services

Translating legal documents requires legal expertise that ranges from legal terminology to the correct formatting of legal documents. This knowledge is vital to anticipate and address any ambiguous or misleading phrases that may emerge from the translation process. Continuous growth in international trade fuels the need for dependable legal translation services, and getting even a single phrase incorrect can result in the document being interpreted in an entirely different manner than the original draft intended. This outcome has costly and lengthy legal ramifications and can be avoided with a team of professional legal translators.

MSDS Translations understands the significance of the terminology selected for use in legal documents. Utilizing the correct legal phraseology in a translation requires the translator to have the aptitude, skills and fluency in the legalese of both languages. Pleadings, contracts, summons, case records and complaints; no matter the nature of the legal document, the translation must be 100% accurate.

Specialization and Quality Control

Our duty is to pair you with the exact language and professional specialist for your needs. MSDS Translations ensures that your legal translation requirements will be addressed by only translators who have demonstrated expertise in the legal field, and fluency in the languages of your choice.

Confidentiality, professionalism and trust are traits that are vital to your business and ours. Throughout our quality control process, we have systems and policies in place that ensure all of our clients’ documents are handled under the strictest privacy guidelines.

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Legal translation isn’t our only area of specialization. When it comes to producing accurate, affordable language translation services, MSDS Translations does it all:

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