MSDS Translations: Our Process

Our multi-lingual SDS translation projects follow a standardized process; however, projects may differ in the number of translations, uncommonness of language and level of technical expertise required. To offer each client the same heightened level of service, we tailor the particulars of our process to each SDS translation project’s requirements.

MSDS Translations experts go the extra mile to work collaboratively with our clients, to ensure that the language proficiency and professional expertise of the translation team fulfill your requirements. To guarantee the accuracy of your translated materials, we have incorporated quality control measures throughout the entire translation process.

Step 1: Receive a Free Quote

Translating your company’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS) into multiple languages lifts language-barriers, improves communication and understanding, and empowers your employees to anticipate risks, take precautions and take the correct actions in the event of a substance-related emergency.

Improve the effectiveness of your company’s workplace safety programs and score big savings for your customized translation projects. Use MSDS Translations’ easy upload tool to submit your document for review by a project manager.

Your document will be carefully analyzed with state-of-the-art translation tools to quickly determine the level of complexity and repetitiveness - two key factors that allow us to supply the most accurate quote for your translation project. A value-add for our clients is MSDS Translations’ use of translation memory. This refers to sections of your original document which will be repeated throughout the translated document. Using translation memory improves the quality of your document, shortens the project lifecycle and reduces the overall project cost because MSDS Translations will not charge you twice for text we have already translated.

You will receive your reply within one business day, complete with a price quote customized to optimize your savings and business experience.

Step 2: Prepare Document for Translation

MSDS Translations assigns a project manager to oversee the process each document must undergo to be translated with accuracy and technical integrity. The project manager prepares the document and its layout for the translators to begin their work.

Step 3: Translation

MSDS Translations assigns qualified and professional translators to each translation project. The document will be translated by a specialist approved for their particular combination of language fluency and technical expertise. Once the document is translated, it will be proofread by a second translator. Next, the translators work together to synchronize their drafts into a finished copy.

Step 4: Verify Accuracy and Integrity

The final step in MSDS Translations’ process is to carefully comb through the translated document to verify its accuracy and technical integrity. This is done through expert copyediting processes, assessing details such as:

  • Consistency of terminology and standard phrases
  • Consistency of formatting, spacing and layout
  • Formatting date, time, numbers
  • Consistency of spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Printing for final review by project manager

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