MSDS Translations Management Bios

Eric, President and CEO

Eric was raised in a multilingual home by his American father and French mother. He speaks and writes fluently English, French, Spanish and German. Chemical Engineer by trade, Eric has more than 20 years experience in manufacturing - five years of which he served as Chemical Safety Manager.

Eric began offering his English-French translation services through MSDS Translations in 2008. In early 2011 he purchased the company from retiring founder, Robin Hardy-King. Eric personally supervises the follow-up of International Regulations.

Bruce, Administrative and Project Manager

Bruce holds a Masters Degree in Education from Boston College and an Honours Degree in Literature from Victoria University, Wellington, NZ. Bruce joined MSDS Translations in 2011 as Administrative Manager. His expertise with the subtleties of the English language provides MSDS Translations with an edge over the competition when it comes to perfecting nuances and grammar.

Bruce reviews all documents translated into the English language and is responsible for preparing documents for the work of translators. Bruce is responsible for the final approval of translated documents and monitors the conformity of the formatting and layout.

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